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Cigar Box Tiki 3

A kind patron bought both of my painted cigar boxes, so I gotta get busy making more! This one is influenced by the work of Robb Hamel.


*******This painting has sold!

The Sentinel

Starting a new Tiki painting! Hope to have a good inventory for Hukilau 2011! Here are the steps so far:

Chimp with Gretsch – New painting in progress!

Started  a new chimp painting. I kinda see him as the quiet guitarist of an all chimp surf band who is caught in the moment of enjoying his bands on stage banter. He’s playing a Gretsch too! He’s looking a bit different than my original sketch but I’m liking him! More soon!

TIKILANDIA App for iPhone / iPod App!


My iPhone/iPod Touch App is now available through iTunes. TIKILANDIA is a 45 page book of my sketches and finished pieces. Also included in the app is ASK THE TIKI GOD! With a simple shake of your device or a tap on the skull, the Tiki God will answer all your Yes or No questions! Here are some screenshots! (click pic to view larger)


Cigar Box Tiki 2

Starting a new painting on a cigar box. This one measures 17 inches long by 7.5 inches wide!

Cigar Box Tiki

Been wanting to do a bit of  painting on some old cigar boxes I have. Here’s the first.