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Pinstriping & Kustom Graphics Magazine

I’m featured in the latest issue of Pinstriping and Kustom Graphics magazine out of the U.K.! Here are some scans.

Ku Of Refuge

I’m very pleased with the results of my newest painting KU OF REFUGE. Based on one of the Ku’s at Hawaii’s Place Of Refuge, this painting, like a lot of my recent work has a very vintage and worn feel to it. I love working in these desaturated palettes.  The painting has sold, so look for prints soon!


“Sky-Father Ignites” Maori War Canoe Painting

Been slowly working on this painting as I juggle a few projects including my new mug! More soon!

The Mug Of The Fisherman’s God!

Been working on my first mug, in collaboration with John Mulder of Eekum Bookum. Very excited about it! Should have purchasing info soon!

Outside The Molokai

Working on another painting with a Mai Kai setting. This is based on a picture I took in the amazing Molokai Bar. More soon!