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Koshi Greets The Storm




New painting in progress. I’ve had this idea of a chimp sitting on a Tiki in the middle of a Hurricane for some time and am just getting around to it. A fellow forum member over at Tiki Central shared this after seeing my sketch:

Riding out the storm reminds me of this story about Gichin Funakoshi, widely recognized as the father of modern Karate:
“One of the most famous stories about Master Funakoshi tells of a time when a typhoon struck his hometown. While everyone else hid and waited for the storm to end, master Funakoshi climbed onto the roof of his house and stood in the most powerful karate stance, to test his strength and determination against the storm.”
Maybe you can name him in honor of Gichin.



So I named him Koshi which I thought fit perfectly! Here’s the progress so far!


Frankie’s Ex Stumbles In




In need of a break from ME TREASURE CHEST. So thought I’d add to my family tree!





Starting a new painting tonight. This idea for this one has been rattling around my brain for about a year or so. The title definitely suggests a play on words but the foundation of the idea lay in the lyrics of Jeff Tweedy for the Wilco song Sunken Treasure.

“But there is no sunken treasure, rumored to be.
Wrapped inside my ribs in a sea black with ink.”

Tikilanida Book!



LAST CALL AT TIKILANDIA: THE ART OF ROBERT JIM√ČNEZ is now available for purchase for $19.95 plus shipping. A softcover book version of my iPhone/iPod app TIKILANDIA, it has 108 pages of art including sketches, digital and traditional art!

Click here to purchase.

Here are some pics!