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Moai painting

Finished my first acrylic painting since…high school I think. I’m pretty happy with it. It’s painted on a piece of pine wood about 5.5×11 inches (click to view larger and look below for some in progress pics)

Here’s the latest on the painting:

Started an acrylic painting. Haven’t painted since school so this will be a bit of a challenge. Decided to do a painting of a couple of Moai’s, this is about halfway done.

Tiki Tower Art – Prints and more!

For years my art has been seen over at Zerostreet.com and I will continue to maintain that site, but since I have been producing so much tiki related pieces lately I decided to start up tikitower.com

Here you will find all my tiki/polynesian/surf related art. I like to think my tiki’s  and my fez’d chimps are kinda unique, I hope you’ll agree.

Also available here will be my prints, postcards and handmade wood mounted prints.

Please, feel free to leave me a message below!